Catherine DeRose '15

Catherine DeRose ’15 took another step closer to her goal of being an attorney by earning a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies from Dominican University in January.

The eight-week classes were held on Triton College’s campus in River Grove where DeRose had earned her associate degree two years ago.

“They were flexible with my schedule,” said DeRose, who worked full-time as an administrative assistant at a Real Estate company in Oak Brook while taking her classes in the evening. “There were usually less than five of us in a classroom so we were learning a lot and a had a lot of time for discussion with the professor.”

She took all but two of her classes in the face-to-face format. The other two courses were online-only classes.

She was most interested in the BLS coursework that included the study of Real Estate law, legal contracts, criminal law, administrative law, freedom of speech and the American legal system.

“I thought the BLS program would help prepare me for taking the LSAT too,” said DeRose who is preparing for law school and is interested in Real Estate law.

What impressed her most about the BLS program was that all her professors are currently working in the field, or were recently professionals in the field.

“All of the teachers are great resources because all of them have such a great background,” she said. “They have a lot of experience.”

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