Online Learning

Online Learing Advantages and Expectations

Online learning allows students to earn a degree from a highly respected university without putting their careers on hold. Our online bachelor's programs are more flexible and convenient than traditional programs, but they are by no means easier.

Each week, students are expected to read about 100 pages, take a short online quiz, engage in online discussions with classmates and their instructor and complete a written assignment.

The ability to write well is fundamental to any professional field, which is why our programs require students to produce a substantial amount of academic writing in each course. Graduates will have a large portfolio of written work which can be used to demonstrate learning outcomes and abilities to employers and graduate/professional school admissions committees.

Our online programs combine cutting-edge technology with over a century of tradition. Dominican University established a strong reputation for excellence in onlines learning, having offered online undergraduate courses and fully online graduate degrees in business and education for years.

Never taken an online course before? No worries. All students in our online programs are required to begin with SPCS 200 Adult Learning Seminar, which includes lessons in navigating the online learning environment, so students who are not "digital natives" will have the tools to succeed.