Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies Concentration Options

Students in the Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies program can elect to concentrate their studies in up to two areas. Concentration courses include courses that have the HS prefix and count toward the Legal Studies elective requirement. .

Students in the Second Bachelor’s program can apply up to two courses completed in previous study toward a concentration.

Students may choose from the following concentrations:

Criminal Justice

This concentration is geared toward those who wish to work in law enforcement or as paralegals in criminal law departments or are pursuing further academic study in law or criminology. The required courses for the Criminal Justice Concentration are:

  • LS 310 Crime and Society (3)
  • LS 311 Juvenile Justice (3)
  • LS 351 Criminal Law & Procedure (3)

Disability Advocacy

This concentration trains students to work on behalf of individuals with disabilities in legal, educational or social services settings. The required courses for the Disability Advocacy Concentration are:

  • HS 320 Disability Studies (3)
  • HS 321 Disability Support Services (3)
  • LS 315 Disability and the Law (3)

Labor Relations

This concentration prepares students for work in labor organizations, human resources, mediation or employment law. To complete the Labor Relations Concentration students complete three of the following:

  • HS 340 Unions and Collective Bargaining (3)
  • HS 341 Sociology of Labor (3)
  • LS 340 Negotiation Theory (3)
  • LS 350 Employment Law (3)

Law & Social Justice

This concentration focuses on the law as both a means and a barrier to achieving social justice. It is designed for students who seek careers in public interest law or nonprofit organizations, or who are interested in the problems of injustice. The required courses for the Law & Social Justice Concentration are:

  • LS 310 Crime and Society (3)
  • LS 324 Civil Rights (3)
  • LS 335 Social Justice (3)

Paralegal Studies

This concentration is ideal for students who wish to work as paralegals. Students must complete three of the following courses for the Paralegal Studies Concentration:

  • LS 302 The Paralegal Profession (3)
  • LS 303 Law Office Technology (3)
  • LS 304 Law Office Management (3)
  • LS 306 Basic Legal Training (3)
  • LS 352 Civil Litigation (3)

Public Administration

This concentration is designed for students who seek employment in government agencies, nonprofit organizations or municipal law firms. The required courses for the Public Administration Concentration are:

  • HS 304 Social Policy (3)
  • HS 350 Fundamentals of Public Administration (3)
  • LS 356 Administrative Law (3)

Sustainability Studies

This concentration is aimed at students with an interest in environmental law and advocacy, or those who seek to incorporate sustainable management practices into their organizations. The required courses for the Sustainability Studies concentration are (choose 3):

  • HS 370 Understanding the Environment (3)
  • HS 371 Building Sustainable Organizations (3)
  • HS 372 Environmental Technology (3)
  • LS 345 Environmental Law (3)